19:30 h

Ebra (world music)

Vallirana 79, Barcelona

Of Moroccan origins, E·B·R·A means two things:

On one hand, I am a rebel and I am sensitive about it. I wanted to call this debut ZEBRA (what? I love zebras!!! And they feel good to me!) but then a few very smart individuals in my inner circle would go “but you’re more of a lioness than a zebra, sorry honey”… However I strongly disagree. So I have decided to take out the “z” and there I go… There’s no stopping me! 😛

On another hand, once the above was done, “ebra” means “needle” in darija, the Moroccan dialect. I guess I like the ideas of linking souls through music, and of being a sharp mama to my son :0). I am working on exploring both directions of course!

Also, every material I will be putting in the market is a result of common work hand-in-hand with bassist & producer Mr Tito Bonacera (except collaborations with other producers and beat-makers).

I am overjoyed already!

Let’s get started!!

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