Ebra (world music)

Vallirana 79, Barcelona

Who Is EBRA?

You must be wondering…

Well, first things first, I was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco.

When I started my path as EBRA, I was already based in Barcelona and had recently become a mum and so, life happened. Therefore, after releasing the single EXPECT in 2014 and performing an acclaimed interpretation of the song MON DOUBLE as a guest artist together with the Iberica AllStars backing band the summer of the same year at the Rototom Sunsplash Festival (20th Edition, 23.000pax), I tasted paradise… yet I had to take care of priorities first. However, I never stopped writing songs… Music is my muse, and singing is my muscle. Songwriting helps me breathe and understand the world we live in, both the beauty and ugliness.

This First Studio Record

When I started working on “MODERN AFRICA I: REVERIES” (referred to from now on as REVERIES), I wanted to make an original record, the reflection of my true essence as an artist; and the biggest influence for me were clearly my roots, the Arabian as well as the African ones. But it also had to reflect the story of my adulthood in Europe, as I left the motherland aged 17.

Talk about contrast.

Africa, and Morocco are pure contrast. Wet/dry, rural/urban, clean/gritty, dark/colourful, traditional/modern, silent/loud, extremely formal behaviors vs freedom to be, desert landscapes/green valleys, reality and fantasy, fear and faith, truth and mythology, chaos and courage… Both Africa and Morocco on my mind were a perfect place for the stories I chose to tell in this first record collection, where I also wanted to pay my tribute to those poets, songwriters, vocalists and artists of all disciplines whose names juggle in my head-space; those who inspire me besides just my folks.

That being said, “REVERIES” is a tasteful, personal homage to the music that I have incubated throughout the journey of life (Gnawa music, Malian music, the blues, desert folk music, Moroccan traditional music, arab classical music, gospel, soul music, funk music, afrobeat, world music in general…), and shaped with care and passion together with my producer Jules Bikôkô; I am honored if anyone can put my little record on their shelves, or in the same sentence as one of the greatest world, desert-inspired, singer-songwriter music accomplishments of all times.

Obrim portes: 19h

Ebra: 19:30

Entrada: 12€/15€

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